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Monday, 3 October 2011

Are you powerful like Stars ……Star Power ?

We all know to get it to the box office we need a Star power.If you want big box office hit for Bodyguard,it pays to sign Salman khan as a lead.
But Business management wants to learn more about start power.Can Films productions depend on star's track record as a predictor of future success? Are two "A-list" stars better than one?
What stars attract the most ticket buyers?
Look at salman khan who have million of fan following ,first he receive an overwhelming response on  his blockbuster movie Dabbang.His charm is all over the country.his charity  Being human and salman every time in the news .
The concept "star power" captures the extent to which an artist's involvement with an entertainment product contributes to the success of that product. That can work in a variety of ways. For example, in the case of films, powerful actors and actresses can help guarantee financing and push a movie through the development process; they can aid in generating interest from theaters across the globe seeking to show the film; and they can help to attract audiences to the film. Their power may find its origins in superior acting skills, a loyal fan base, a knack for picking the most promising projects, a strong relationship with other creative talent, a solid box-office record, or a combination of such factors.
However this star power is indirectly linked to box office hits,the production house will be more confident with the such star rather than experimenting with newcomers
I am still working on the notes of the star power making money everywhere say it advertisement ,televisions ,reality shows and films
There are many to pen down...Katrina kaif,kareena kapoor,Vidya balan,Anushka and Ranbir etc.

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